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Reviews for "Gravity Control"


Hello. I liked this game, I've played up to level 14, but I don't have any more time before work starts. What I will say is I love that this game is easy until it is not. And there's so much variety to the challenges. For example, level 14, patience is the name of the game, while another is a puzzle. What does need work is some of the art, for example smoother animations, a more original character model, and a better setting, maybe such as a space station look instead of a space wall paper.

fun compact game, familiar and easy to understand mechanic, soothing music n graphics, love it!

The game is okay, the core gameplay doesn't do anything new and has mediocre art. The great sound effects are the main source of satisfaction, though I do reccomend giving them a random pitch-shift for variety. While the puzzles are unique, they are quite easy to solve. Most of the difficulty came from blocks not acting as intended, for instance sliding up when I pressed right. I understand that this happens due to an absence of friction, and while this is accurate behavior for space it isn't fun. I also liked the little timers on the lasers.

sluggish controls but what would you expect from a gravity control game :D anyway its pretty easy compared to some others of yours.