Reviews for "Gravity Control"

I like the simplicity of the controls. The gravity behaved weird in some instances and the level design could use some tweaking. Overall the game could use some more polish. Fun concept though!

Okay game but CPU use shoots straight through the roof! I was able to get through the game, but Chrome browser has a very hard time scrolling, I'm having a hard time typing this text right now, and system monitors are showing the CPU usage around 80% just from this one game!

This isn't your first resource-heavy game either, as there was at least one game I couldn't even play it was so resource-heavy.

Please seriously consider limiting your resource use in games! There's no good reason anyone should need a beast godly machine just to play simple web games!

Please run some kind of system monitors or something so you can *see* what your game is doing resource-wise, assuming you're running some beast godly machine and can't tell that yes your games play badly for many people. You're clearly not doing this!

If it's limitations in Unity, you'll have to figure out how to make Unity not eat up so much resources. Or just start making games in JavaScript/WebGL directly.

I clear all stages but did not get any medal , which is sad

Not bad but it's not really that interesting if I have to be honest it's lacking in gameplay mechanics I think.

I like your games. They are just challenging enough to not be boring but not so much I want to rage quit.