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Reviews for "BURD"

It was a good game, but it could make you mad
The way to get the good end is to feed the little chicks instead of god, after the chicks die just put the substance in the liquid (it doesnt harm you) and get the substance then send it to the god

amazing :D i love the game, and i love the style <33 you guys are my favorite game makers!!1!1 keep on makign gamz!!1!!! love yuo! ratted 5 stars!1!

Not bad, and i get the point of the game, but you should SERIOUSLY work on the checkpoints if i have to learn what kills me on trial and error.

Thank you. This was a lot of fun to play, and both endings really appealed to me. The game also made me think about several things in my life, and I'm glad I played it. I also felt the platforming, though a bit difficult at first, after going through it a couple times, was quite a bit of fun.

Btw, if anyone's having trouble with the jumping, there's a cooldown between jumps, about 0.5 seconds. It basically just means you can't jump immediately after your last one.

There ARE 2 endings, I got the first ending by killing all the eggs and feeding all the worms to the left. I got the second ending by using none of the egg checkpoints and only feeding one good worm to the left, 3 worms to the babies, and 1 poisoned worm to the left.

P.S. I'd really like to see you take this concept further, I'd love to see more of it! <3

I really love the minimal theme with the old arcade vertical scan lines.

My only real con is the bass being too loud/muddy in the music at times. Some frequencies around 50hz to 140hz feel boosted compared to the rest of the audio.