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Reviews for "BURD"

Checkpoints are very needed, but I like this concept. I felt so bad after yeeting an egg into the void, the rain that came soon after was like a punch to the gut

I both love and hate this game. I loved the atmosphere: the music and the graphics. I loved the choice and meaningful discussion on morality, and I liked the gameplay, but I hated having to go back to the beginning every single time that I died. Otherwise, I would give it 5 stars.

Great concept for game, where you can choose to be good or bad. I appreciate the style you were going for; however, fuzzy monochrome graphics were not engaging, nor could my objectives like worms or obstacles thorns be easily seen or recognized. Re-spawning after death also takes way too long, and the re-spawn point is so close to the beginning that I feel punished for dying rather than challenged.

as others said a checkpoint every now and then would be good, considering your level design is basically return trips.

the style was good but I honestly couldn't get past the 3 jumps with the things falling between them. And when I finally did and tried to go back, I couldn't then either. Checkpoints would be great, but the game is still ok. Nevermind, I played again, and it's possible, but I think the game could use a save file maybe. It was difficult to go through everything again.