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Reviews for "BURD"

i cant fucking beat the second part im pissed

As a lover of platformers I like very much this game, you can feel the trill in every jump. Or should I say every flight?. the controls are rough but good enough to handle, reminds me of nes games, the graphics and music feel so nostalgic and calm, is relaxing maybe a bit sad. I don't see a real problem with the lack of checkpoints, personally, I think the objective is enough clear from the beginning, the motivation to go on, discover checkpoints and the amount of them are good, in conclusion, great game, few mistakes.

P.D: I passed through the first wall without considering there where a platform below to open it.

great game but i wish there were more checkpoints, gets really frustrating having to go back all that way

I really like it, but it'd be nice to see a few checkpoints along the way, and a way to skip through the intro a bit faster. Love the concept otherwise, the controls are pretty alright.

I friggin loved it, nothing more to say.