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Reviews for "BURD"

This is a pretty decent game. Th controls are a bit touchy though.

The game is amazing, and the art style is minimal but it still says a lot about the world I guess. Its super hard though. But thats still great.

I just have one question. Is there any GOOD ENDING? I've been dividing the worms between little chicks and the god, and i always got ASTRAY by power of by ignorance.

As previously mentioned, its filled with random glitches, but its enjoyable.
At one moment, i had to refresh the page, i collected the third worm and died, the worm get the frame frozen, and cannot be collected anymore.

Please tell me how to got a good ending T.T

I enjoyed this game for the most part, but like many others I've encountered game breaking glitches and frustrating gaps. I have entered a loop where I die about every 15-20 seconds to nothing, and then seem to respawn with another bird (currently at like 6). There are seemingly no more worms to collect, but my 6 jump points do not let me cross the final gap at the end. I'll try refreshing the page, but if that fails to restore my progress I will be done playing this. Please take another look, dev-boy!

I really liked this game. The empty and ashy aesthetic really hits home that everything is gone, and that the only thing remaining is the god bird. I had a fun time playing through it, until I encountered a glitch by the board in the beginning of the game that lets you get to the second worm. It's frustrating to have to restart the game because of a random glitch, but I understand they would show up in a short indie game like this. Good Job!