Reviews for "Melodic Solace"

Melodic Solace should be a plantium x2 track

I remember WpnFire and it was a favorite classic in Newgrounds... The emotion is powerful and every beat of it will make you angry any moment. Please make more good music!

Winterwind-NS responds:

haha yeah WpnFire was a really big hit here. Front page for over a month.
The guys who made that are starting on another largescale project.
thanks for the nice review

Nicely done!

You know I never thought boss music could be euphoric. I always felt it had to be deep, depressing, angry kind of music, but this makes me think. This makes me wonder how else I could portray such things.

You've really impressed me here Winter. Really you've expanded well on trance and electronic arts so much! I suppose there wasn't very much furthar for you to go classical wise eh ;)?

I personally didn't see much wrong with it, but pulstate knows what he's talking about Winter, check out his works you will see what i'm talking about. The kid's on his way to doing big things.

I would say the quality is a little bad, but thats understandable.

I personally liked the quiet part the best, it just rang the right flavor for me.

To top it all off, another 5 from me Winter. I begin to wonder what those other two songs are going to sound like. Be sure to keep me updated!

Winterwind-NS responds:

the game is a platform shooter thingy, and it really isnt a serious type game. plus i didnt make this specifically for the game, they jus chose it for the level haha
and NO i am NOT moviing away from classical lol there is plenty of things to learn in the classical world. :)
again, sorry about the quality since its sooooo long.
thanks for the review


Very professional sounding piece, is it original? The only problems with this track i have is :

A) Quality.
B) Lead is too high.
C) Lack of variety to percussion.

What i love :

A) Pad.
B) Filtered Lead.
C) The Beat.

Check out my stuff!


Winterwind-NS responds:

A.) yeah i had to sacrifice quality to submit a 6:14 long song heh
B.) i guess
C.) Sowwy

A.) yay
B.) yay
C.) yay

i'll check out ur stuff soon!
thanks for the review


amazingly well done!!!!! love the choir in the bg.

really peaceful. love it!! great synths, steady beat, love the arp!!!


check minez

Winterwind-NS responds:

haha thanks!
i love the arp too! lol