Reviews for "Melodic Solace"

love it

Amazeing! makes me feel all bubbly inside ^^


Love it.. im kind of a newb here.. so i dont know if this is the correct place to ask but,

I'm making a game, and i would like to use this song as a background song for one of the rooms. There will be a scrolling "title of song" area, and it will state the title and author (You will be stated as the author of the song in the game credits)

I hope that is good enough to be able to put the song in my game. But just one question: What should your name be as the author of the song in the credits? Just Winterwind-NS?


this song is the best song you ever made!its very very beautifull

I love this.

This is a really great track, you are obviosly a music god.

My my

My fucking goodness.
Well i mean your goodness.
never have I ever heard something so musically meaningful.
You are just incredibly talented.
I know people must ask you this so much.
But what do you use?