Reviews for "Melodic Solace"

just f***in awsome

hell yeah this is what i like to hear man


Oh. My. God. This song is one of only a very few songs that truly... OMGidono.
If I was emo I'd be cryin right now, it's so awesome.
Stuf like this I love so much. keep makig stuff lik this its epic.

oooh my this did it...

Sent me over the edge of contentment. Without a doubt one of the most impressive techno songs on Newgrounds. No possible way to some this up in words, so I'll give a quaint try at it:)

Everything just felt *right* and where it was suppose to be and got me in that hyper and arithmetic mood that quiality trance gets me in^_^ Simply a great add to Newgrounds and I'm pretty sure you know this good sir. Also, striking title, really loved that aspect as well.

I'm Gonna Dance!

Intill its stops!

it is awesome

sick nasty ballen song iz beast