Reviews for "Melodic Solace"


great piece of work xD
but i like it faster, with the same song, instead of 140 bpm, make it 178

cool song

this is a very good song ;D nice work man ;D


PS: It don't need vocals ¬¬ it's pretty cool ;D

nice nice

i need vocal in the song :)

Hot Song

I have the version from wpnFire here: http://www.plunder.com/Melodic-Solace -from-wpnFire-download-72f300c263.htm
Its the faster version

If this is against the guidelines, someone please delete because I extracted the file from the game. I would like to submit it on the audio portal with your permission. Thanks.

It's about time I write a review for this song....

Dude, this has been one of my favorite song for years. Just recently I found the time to make a NG account, and I feel privelaged to finally review this song. It used to paralyze me whenever I listened to it, but I listened to it enough times to let it pass by on my ipod. You created a LEGENDARY tune. You really found a way to enhance the soul of music . . .

And btw, I remember being addicted to Wpn Fire at one point...