Reviews for "Delver"

Art is cool and the concept is great, the only thing i would have liked is is there was more of a storyline like characters and stuff.

The jaggedy animation makes it irritating. The music is okay.

I decided to give this game another go.

On my first play, I rushed it thinking the top bar on the screen was a timer that you needed to refuel every few seconds and I didn't know it was actually for how many steps you could take before you blew up.
Realizing that this game takes its resource management to another level, I changed my play style accordingly. And I hate to admit...I started to enjoy it.

I have yet to beat the game, but I do have an incentive to keep playing now that I better understand its mechanics.

But, there are still a few gripes I have with it in terms of design.
Like neither of the bars having any icons that tell you what they do.
And although there ARE some sound effects in the game, they're barely noticeable.

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Needs a bit of work.

The goal of the game isn't all that captivating since the game feels very slippery. I also think you might motivate more players to keep playing the game if you give them an end goal like collecting X amount of money/gems or have them try to get a super ore of sorts.

I don't think you're gonna get much players engaged if the only thing there is to do in the game is upgrade the drill...when there's no real reason to.

I also feel like your drilling should have a bit of resistance or friction to it. It would add a lot more to the game, instead of having you go through every block like it was butter.

Some sound effects for drilling into different kinds of rock and acquiring ore would also have benefited the game.

There's also a few bugs I came across like being stuck in the upgrade station at times, and not being able to move anywhere else but up and left. Which can be a pain when trying to get back to the refuel station on low fuel levels.

I could see this game being a nice time waster when you want to play something simple and short. But the flaws I mentioned really take a lot out of the enjoyment I could have had with game.

Template88 responds:

Try reaching the center of the planet and seeing whats there waiting for you

I wish I understood what causes you to take damage. Sometimes it makes sense, like when you let yourself fall a long distance, but other times you just suddenly take large amounts of damage for no clear reason.

Template88 responds:

Only falling or running out of fuel will kill you.

This game looks like a raw game engine enveloped with a minimal interface allowing to actually play it. Good things are, it runs smoothly (although controls could be more fluent), the map is well generated with fair balance between resources and obstacles. The gameboy look is a matter of taste; it looks fairly well and is nicely animated. On the other hand - there are harsh rules (you run out of fuel->restart), no info about resource value; one has to try himself selling single pieces. Also the shop is implemented halfbaked - if one picks a better upgrade first and then something cheaper, he experiences a downgrade to that cheaper option (and after purchase the better is locked; sorry)... it's a fairly good start, although there is a long way before You to create some *really* considerable games. I'll look forward to see how You'll improve and what more will You create. Good luck!