Reviews for "Delver"

Really enjoyed this! Fun, short, simple, I beat it on my 3rd try. The first run I didn't really understand what was going on, and I didn't really figure everything out until well into my second run, but by the third go I was getting pretty into it. The most annoying thing to me was that you automatically interact with the machines when you go over them, when I feel like I should have had to press a button to use the machines. Particularly the upgrade machine, I found myself often going up and over the machine just so I didn't have to move the mouse to close the upgrade window.
It felt good to beat it but I didn't feel as though I was particularly rewarded for doing so. An NG medal would have been nice for sure.
Anyway, overall it was a nice game. I liked the art style and enjoyed the time I spent playing. Good work all around!

Very good!
I like it enough to login and review. Attention some game mechanics spoilers ahead.

On to review - cool concept. I like the difficulty curve. Contrary to popular belief fuel is very well balanced with depth. It has just the needed difficulty to make it interesting, but by any means its not a diff. game. That being said people seem to have forgotten what dificulty is at all and complain about nuffin.

I find it verry funny how the cargo upgrades past the first level actually make the game significantly more challanging (assuming you are striving for a full load every surfacing) and so for an efficient playthrough they are irrelevant. I am probably wrong, but I dont thinks its possible to make a depth dive, fill 40 slot cargo hold and surface. So essentially this upgrade I find it ... cheeky? ... and well i love it.

As for the difference between ores - to me it was quite obvious whats more valueable, past the 20 and 10 ores - which should have been more distinctive. In the deep there were some wacky ones like the ore which i can only describe as a magnifying glass, but no issue there.

Graphics are solid. Liked the chiptune. I loved everything in game.That being said the main menu needs some improovement. The level of abstraction in the background between the drillbit and the body of the machine doesnt work for me. The drill looks more like a ...lamp? ... of sorts.... and the body of the machine is sorta just lines. I only found out its a machine after i played the game. Maybe you wanted to look as if it is in dark mineshaft or smtg, but i dunno - it didnt work for me.

Overall its a very short game, but it was well done and its very promising.


A pretty fun game with Game Boy-ish inspired graphics! The inspiration from X-Gen's Motherload shows.

While I wish the frame rate could be better (I'm assuming it's due to my own hardware), it plays beautifully as what a retro game should be. My only gripe that it seems to be such a endless grind trying to build up cash just for fuel refills to reduce it to zero.

Regardless of that, medal support would really be great for the game here.

Template88 responds:

The deeper you dig the more valuable the minerals you mine are but the riskier it is. Try finding a few Crystal type minerals and coming back up, you'll find that your delving becomes very profitable.

fun, soooo hard tho. and the music is really good.

Template88 responds:

If you want a tip, always dig next to the fuel depot and never dig without keeping a good stash of cash for fuel as soon as you come back up.

this is nice game