Reviews for "Friday Night Death Slot"

After reading a lot of reviews other people have already left, there's not a whole of constructive criticism I can add except maybe have like...maybe 8 or 10 second challenges? I don't feel that I'm that good at this game but I also don't think the game really gives you much of a chance to get good at the game. It's hard to pay attention to your timer, audience score, and the actual level to see where you need to go before your time is up.

For the difficulty level, I would remove the token system altogether and have completing a level give you a boost to your audience score. That would make the primary objective of finishing the level be more of a focus for the player instead of keeping track of all the parts of the game in such a short amount of time.

Looking forward to seeing more from everybody that was involved in making this!

despediteerik responds:

Hey, Dervishgrundy! I'm actually interested in the idea of ditching the tokens - in between collecting Audience Tokens, keeping track of the Audience and time, and making sure you don't die and get to the end on time, it's quite a lot to keep track of. I'll give it a few rounds of experimenting and playtesting and see how it turns out. Thank you very much for playing!

So I played it like 2 days ago and got really stuck at some point. I came back today and played it again. In fact it's a bit addictive :)
However there is a lot of frustrative moments that could well being scrapped in my own opinion. But if it's the view you had for your game then so be it, I tried to play it as you conceived it :)
Also I like the game in some extent, I like the graphics, the gameplay, the frustrating moments where you die and have either the die sounds or the countdown that actually says you are going to die.
At first I wondered why it would be that sound, but then i got used to it and I laughed each time I would die.
The die sound which is similar of the die sound after the countdown, makes it funny because you expect to die at the 6 seconds, but then you take some spikes and die without hearing the countdown, so it surprises you. I called that the "Jaws effect" just like in the movie Jaws.
In some levels, you wonder how the hell would you pass it, and then after trying so much and dying so much you realize the pattern.
It could be funnier, but I have not the resiliance to try it all.
Although there are some frustrating elements as pointed above like the fact that if you going too much to the left you die falling and this is too much punitive, at least make a wall block. I saw myself too much die in the emptyness attempting to gather a green coin at the start of the level.
The lights does hurt you but their visual compared to spikes are rather looking as part of the platforms, therefore it's easy to ignore them.
In some level you can endlessly loops by gathering three coins and die, again and again.
Jumps are a bit sloppy, the hitbox of your character doesn't match his position when he is grabbing an angle platform, which is confusing because you wonder which side you going to jump when you see your character holding onto 30/40 thin air. And well there is a lot of other improvements (putting coins in a death pit doesn't actually serves a purpose because dying is part of the gameplay in this case)

However well, the game is dynamic and fast so playing it feels funny at some point when you take it easy and i like the variety ot the scenes, although some where repeated right after moving on, giving you a feeling of "Didn't I just did this one?". It's good to rage a little then stop. But it doesn't make me want to pursue a better score.
Again for a game jam game I think it's pretty solid :)

This game freezes a lot. Like every 5 or 6 stages thereabouts and/or about every 5 or 6 times you die it just flat-up locks up. Fortunately you can wait around and it'll eventually become responsive again, and the timer isn't ticking down while the game is frozen (fortunately) but still it's enough of an annoyance.

despediteerik responds:

Weird - I haven't heard anything like that in my rounds of beta-testing. Would you mind me sending a DM with your PC specs so I can sort this out? Does the screen have a "PAUSED" message while frozen, and are you in Assist Mode?

Great idea, poor execution.

Controls are WAY too slippery. You need to tighten them up.