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Reviews for "Friday Night Death Slot"

A game with a good potential, but the controls are a bit annoying and the walls are unnecessarily sticky, making it frustrating to move around fast enough. Also the levels design makes it a bit unclear whether something is a platform or not. You recommend using controllers, but the game should be also tested with keyboard controls as well. The LAN Adapter Not Included medal does not seem to work.

Great idea, and could be a huge hit, but booooooy, it has a lot of things to improve, like, I don't even know where to start. Basically, you would have to remade this game from scratch. I know that there is an assist mode, but it doesn't fix the problems with this game in terms of balance, controls, and basically everything else.

But you're certainly onto something great and legendary.

Despedite responds:

Hey, "fuckoffasshole"! This was made for a game jam and the feedback I got was basically about the game's difficulty, which I tried to fix with Assist Mode in an update - the Newgrounds commenters are being more unbiased and giving me a lot of good pointers on which areas to improve.
Controls is an area which I see a lot of people are struggling on, and I'll make sure to tighten those up before getting started with (more) level design in a future update, or remake of the game as you suggested. Thank you for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

great idea but needs some fine tuning such as fixing some of the hit boxes on the ground since certain platforms cause you to fall through them, But the time and audience based limiters does give the player options of quickly running through the level or trying to keep the audience happy with risky moves and last minute jumps.

So either play it risky or play it safe, I hope to see how the game develops in the future.

After reading a lot of reviews other people have already left, there's not a whole of constructive criticism I can add except maybe have like...maybe 8 or 10 second challenges? I don't feel that I'm that good at this game but I also don't think the game really gives you much of a chance to get good at the game. It's hard to pay attention to your timer, audience score, and the actual level to see where you need to go before your time is up.

For the difficulty level, I would remove the token system altogether and have completing a level give you a boost to your audience score. That would make the primary objective of finishing the level be more of a focus for the player instead of keeping track of all the parts of the game in such a short amount of time.

Looking forward to seeing more from everybody that was involved in making this!

Despedite responds:

Hey, Dervishgrundy! I'm actually interested in the idea of ditching the tokens - in between collecting Audience Tokens, keeping track of the Audience and time, and making sure you don't die and get to the end on time, it's quite a lot to keep track of. I'll give it a few rounds of experimenting and playtesting and see how it turns out. Thank you very much for playing!

Too loud and too fast.