Reviews for "Friday Night Death Slot"

This game's controls are just really... wonky. The character is slippery, the controls don't always respond, you'll clip on random map geometry... Overall, they're just really unfun to use and unsatisfying. Some mechanics just aren't tuned well. The static wall slide speed makes the long vertical spike tunnel level unreasonably long unless you decide to skip the tokens.

One of the stages (one where you start on a moving platform that moves right) is broken due to the platform being centered on the camera.

The token recharging element is bizarre because they respawn when you die, so if you get put on a level with some free tokens you can retry it virtually infinitely. They should really be consumed for good.

This game is kinda ugly sometimes. It can be hard to see what's actually happening, especially with the suspended platforms which are small in and of themselves and require you to glance at their inconspicuous support beam. Not great for a game about quick and fast platforming.

Overall, it's a buggy mess with a bland concept that even then isn't executed all that well. The level design leaves something to be desired, as well. Outside of the pretty decent presentation and themes, I can't say that there's much here.

Edit: So, I came back to play this game later, and I was happy to see that there was an update!

...and it became worse.

The new levels are even worse, and now the game is plagued with more bugs. Meanwhile, I don't see any of the issues it had addressed.

You seemed to finally update the timer so that it is actually six seconds long for every stage as your description says rather than varying, but I think it was actually good before because now some stages are just unbearably unfair. What's the point of having all the tokens around if you literally can't pick them all up before the timer runs out?

And yeah, the freezing bug. I literally can't play the game now. It just breaks every five stages. I was looking to come back and see if I could put up a hefty high score, but I guess I can't now because the game just doesn't work. Not that I could if the freezing bug anyways, because now it won't log me in.

Lowered to two stars, but I'll make sure to check back later for a bug fix.

Final edit: Well, there wasn't a new update, but the freezing stopped, so I guess it was a temporary issue. The game starts lagging heavily after the first round though, which ain't great.

If what you say about this being the only update, I would probably presume there's some fuckery with the save files screwing things up. It's saying that my high score is over two thousand, which definitely isn't true.

I think I should probably stop checking at this point now, though, since it doesn't seem like there'll be another update. See you next time, I suppose.

despediteerik responds:

Weird - the only update I pushed was The Audience Engagement Update which was already in on NewGrounds at launch day, and a quick bugfix for a medal that wasn't working. Unless you're talking about the original launch on Itch and Gamejolt? The timer didn't variate otherwise, it always stayed at 6,3 seconds.

I'm very sorry that the game keeps freezing for you - this is a bug reported by another person that I wasn't able to replicate at all and I'm looking towards fixing it in the near future. Would you mind sending me your computer specs via DMs so I can check if it's a manufacturer specific bug? Thank you for playing anyways. :)

super fast paced and jump button is UP.
Had to use 2 keyboards to make it playable. Even then the goal is not clear. I go to 1 exit and end up somewhere. Next time I go through the same exit I'm at a different layout.

Awesome idea, great artwork, clever mechanics... so it's really hard for me to say that this game is awful. The theme of a deadly game show that is basically just one huge speedrun with alternating rooms is a great one, but in such a game it's really important that the controls be... functional. Here, they're not. There's a weird delay between hitting the button and the character actually doing it, some platforms don't have consistent solidity on all sides, and I couldn't tell if there was some character momentum mechanic that I couldn't detect, but even if there is it needs fine-tuning. It could be that most of the actual movement problems are eliminated on an Xbox controller... I wouldn't know.

Just so some players know, if you pass a bright light and you drop dead, that's not a bug. The lights kill you when they're lit up, so you can only go past when they're dark.

What would really, REALLY help is a quick-retry button. All there is now is hovering your cursor over the space where the Continue button is and leaving it there while holding one hand over the mouse button at all times. In fast-paced games with a lot of death and retrying, it's vital that there be an easy way (like a keyboard key or two) that gets you right back in the fray to try that one annoying room one more time. Currently, it's a real pace-killer that prevents you from getting into a really good groove. Also, some rooms detect that you're holding the button to go right and others don't, so you have to lift your hand and press it again to get moving. So all of a sudden you're in a dead stop when you were going full pelt a second ago.

In a game like this, since it's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it experience, it's hard to give feedback when I'm never quite sure what's intended and what's broken. That said, it seems like a lot more things are broken than you intended. It's really too bad.

frantic and noisy.... controls are wonky this could be ok but 6 seconds is too short and the control needs to be crisper. also finding the end was tough on o lot of levels

I like the concept. In execution, with so little time, you better have a big flashing arrow pointing to the goal, and much tighter controls, walljumping should not be so difficult.