Reviews for "Friday Night Death Slot"

it this a demo????

despediteerik responds:

Apart from an update this game was made in four days for a Game Jam, so I guess you could call it a demo if you'd like. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

a tourtural to explain how to play would be a good start. what different items do and why you're doing this.

Really bad gameplay. Really bad. It's pure garbage, actually. It's like you just threw it out there incomplete, without bug testing, or not caring about how badly it plays.

I'm jumping through floors, and being mysteriously pushed off of platforms. And forget trying to control the character. It's like it's on speed or something. It goes way to fast, with no weight to it, so it goes all over the place.

Learn how to program character movement and platforming. That's your number one priority for a game, not graphics.

The idea is nice but the code and art need work. Some places to land are impossable to see, did not know green stars are importent and sometimes it looks odd. The coding side really needs to be fix, i run no matter how slow i go, this causes me to hit spikes. Another annoying thing is the impossable stages, i try every thing but you can not pass it. You can walk off the stage and die which shouldent be a thing. Lastly no idea what to do and it could have helped.

EDIT: After playing it with cheat code, it become clear that the developer never wanted people to win at the game. Stages are not randomly generated like i thought, they were build like that and the player is just randomly sent to another stage. Another thing about it is that the stages are impossable to beat without extra time. You also can not beat the stages without immortaty on, there is a stage that is full of spikes at the end, not possable to jump over it.

This game wasnt build to be fair it was just build to make people lose.

came to play a platformer.

found a hectic thing that kept killing me cuz i wouldn't rush through fast enough.

it's like.. some developers just don't understand what makes games fun.

at all.

despediteerik responds:


I'm sorry you didn't like FNDS - I'll keep it in mind for future projects. Anything in particular I should work towards? Thank you for playing anyways, and have a nice day!