Reviews for "Friday Night Death Slot"

great idea but needs some fine tuning such as fixing some of the hit boxes on the ground since certain platforms cause you to fall through them, But the time and audience based limiters does give the player options of quickly running through the level or trying to keep the audience happy with risky moves and last minute jumps.

So either play it risky or play it safe, I hope to see how the game develops in the future.

This game freezes a lot. Like every 5 or 6 stages thereabouts and/or about every 5 or 6 times you die it just flat-up locks up. Fortunately you can wait around and it'll eventually become responsive again, and the timer isn't ticking down while the game is frozen (fortunately) but still it's enough of an annoyance.

despediteerik responds:

Weird - I haven't heard anything like that in my rounds of beta-testing. Would you mind me sending a DM with your PC specs so I can sort this out? Does the screen have a "PAUSED" message while frozen, and are you in Assist Mode?

Great idea, and could be a huge hit, but booooooy, it has a lot of things to improve, like, I don't even know where to start. Basically, you would have to remade this game from scratch. I know that there is an assist mode, but it doesn't fix the problems with this game in terms of balance, controls, and basically everything else.

But you're certainly onto something great and legendary.

despediteerik responds:

Hey, "fuckoffasshole"! This was made for a game jam and the feedback I got was basically about the game's difficulty, which I tried to fix with Assist Mode in an update - the Newgrounds commenters are being more unbiased and giving me a lot of good pointers on which areas to improve.
Controls is an area which I see a lot of people are struggling on, and I'll make sure to tighten those up before getting started with (more) level design in a future update, or remake of the game as you suggested. Thank you for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

A game with a good potential, but the controls are a bit annoying and the walls are unnecessarily sticky, making it frustrating to move around fast enough. Also the levels design makes it a bit unclear whether something is a platform or not. You recommend using controllers, but the game should be also tested with keyboard controls as well. The LAN Adapter Not Included medal does not seem to work.

This game's controls are just really... wonky. The character is slippery, the controls don't always respond, you'll clip on random map geometry... Overall, they're just really unfun to use and unsatisfying. Some mechanics just aren't tuned well. The static wall slide speed makes the long vertical spike tunnel level unreasonably long unless you decide to skip the tokens.

One of the stages (one where you start on a moving platform that moves right) is broken due to the platform being centered on the camera.

The token recharging element is bizarre because they respawn when you die, so if you get put on a level with some free tokens you can retry it virtually infinitely. They should really be consumed for good.

This game is kinda ugly sometimes. It can be hard to see what's actually happening, especially with the suspended platforms which are small in and of themselves and require you to glance at their inconspicuous support beam. Not great for a game about quick and fast platforming.

Overall, it's a buggy mess with a bland concept that even then isn't executed all that well. The level design leaves something to be desired, as well. Outside of the pretty decent presentation and themes, I can't say that there's much here.

Edit: So, I came back to play this game later, and I was happy to see that there was an update!

...and it became worse.

The new levels are even worse, and now the game is plagued with more bugs. Meanwhile, I don't see any of the issues it had addressed.

You seemed to finally update the timer so that it is actually six seconds long for every stage as your description says rather than varying, but I think it was actually good before because now some stages are just unbearably unfair. What's the point of having all the tokens around if you literally can't pick them all up before the timer runs out?

And yeah, the freezing bug. I literally can't play the game now. It just breaks every five stages. I was looking to come back and see if I could put up a hefty high score, but I guess I can't now because the game just doesn't work. Not that I could if the freezing bug anyways, because now it won't log me in.

Lowered to two stars, but I'll make sure to check back later for a bug fix.

Final edit: Well, there wasn't a new update, but the freezing stopped, so I guess it was a temporary issue. The game starts lagging heavily after the first round though, which ain't great.

If what you say about this being the only update, I would probably presume there's some fuckery with the save files screwing things up. It's saying that my high score is over two thousand, which definitely isn't true.

I think I should probably stop checking at this point now, though, since it doesn't seem like there'll be another update. See you next time, I suppose.

despediteerik responds:

Weird - the only update I pushed was The Audience Engagement Update which was already in on NewGrounds at launch day, and a quick bugfix for a medal that wasn't working. Unless you're talking about the original launch on Itch and Gamejolt? The timer didn't variate otherwise, it always stayed at 6,3 seconds.

I'm very sorry that the game keeps freezing for you - this is a bug reported by another person that I wasn't able to replicate at all and I'm looking towards fixing it in the near future. Would you mind sending me your computer specs via DMs so I can check if it's a manufacturer specific bug? Thank you for playing anyways. :)