Reviews for "Friday Night Death Slot"

Awesome idea, great artwork, clever mechanics... so it's really hard for me to say that this game is awful. The theme of a deadly game show that is basically just one huge speedrun with alternating rooms is a great one, but in such a game it's really important that the controls be... functional. Here, they're not. There's a weird delay between hitting the button and the character actually doing it, some platforms don't have consistent solidity on all sides, and I couldn't tell if there was some character momentum mechanic that I couldn't detect, but even if there is it needs fine-tuning. It could be that most of the actual movement problems are eliminated on an Xbox controller... I wouldn't know.

Just so some players know, if you pass a bright light and you drop dead, that's not a bug. The lights kill you when they're lit up, so you can only go past when they're dark.

What would really, REALLY help is a quick-retry button. All there is now is hovering your cursor over the space where the Continue button is and leaving it there while holding one hand over the mouse button at all times. In fast-paced games with a lot of death and retrying, it's vital that there be an easy way (like a keyboard key or two) that gets you right back in the fray to try that one annoying room one more time. Currently, it's a real pace-killer that prevents you from getting into a really good groove. Also, some rooms detect that you're holding the button to go right and others don't, so you have to lift your hand and press it again to get moving. So all of a sudden you're in a dead stop when you were going full pelt a second ago.

In a game like this, since it's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it experience, it's hard to give feedback when I'm never quite sure what's intended and what's broken. That said, it seems like a lot more things are broken than you intended. It's really too bad.

Really bad gameplay. Really bad. It's pure garbage, actually. It's like you just threw it out there incomplete, without bug testing, or not caring about how badly it plays.

I'm jumping through floors, and being mysteriously pushed off of platforms. And forget trying to control the character. It's like it's on speed or something. It goes way to fast, with no weight to it, so it goes all over the place.

Learn how to program character movement and platforming. That's your number one priority for a game, not graphics.

a tourtural to explain how to play would be a good start. what different items do and why you're doing this.

Too loud and too fast.

Great idea, poor execution.