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Reviews for "Friday Night Death Slot"

super fast paced and jump button is UP.
Had to use 2 keyboards to make it playable. Even then the goal is not clear. I go to 1 exit and end up somewhere. Next time I go through the same exit I'm at a different layout.

thank GOD there's an assist mode but still oh my mother of mercy i cannot get more than 5 in regular lol

frantic and noisy.... controls are wonky this could be ok but 6 seconds is too short and the control needs to be crisper. also finding the end was tough on o lot of levels

came to play a platformer.

found a hectic thing that kept killing me cuz i wouldn't rush through fast enough.

it's like.. some developers just don't understand what makes games fun.

at all.

Despedite responds:


I'm sorry you didn't like FNDS - I'll keep it in mind for future projects. Anything in particular I should work towards? Thank you for playing anyways, and have a nice day!

After reading a lot of reviews other people have already left, there's not a whole of constructive criticism I can add except maybe have like...maybe 8 or 10 second challenges? I don't feel that I'm that good at this game but I also don't think the game really gives you much of a chance to get good at the game. It's hard to pay attention to your timer, audience score, and the actual level to see where you need to go before your time is up.

For the difficulty level, I would remove the token system altogether and have completing a level give you a boost to your audience score. That would make the primary objective of finishing the level be more of a focus for the player instead of keeping track of all the parts of the game in such a short amount of time.

Looking forward to seeing more from everybody that was involved in making this!

Despedite responds:

Hey, Dervishgrundy! I'm actually interested in the idea of ditching the tokens - in between collecting Audience Tokens, keeping track of the Audience and time, and making sure you don't die and get to the end on time, it's quite a lot to keep track of. I'll give it a few rounds of experimenting and playtesting and see how it turns out. Thank you very much for playing!