Reviews for "{A Change of Seasons}"


Teach me how to do orchestral trance correctly... I was thinking of doing one tommorrow & count down the days 'till I get my Wii with it. (3 on Jan. 16/07) :P

This, in my opinion, is better than ANY trance artist could do on Newgrounds unless they practice orchestral trance a HELL of a lot! You're the God of Orchestral Trance!

Give me lessons!
-Vinny (DJ DaVinster)

cornandbeans responds:

w00t :D looks like you got it now. ;P

I have no idea if this genre existed before, but it's an honor to be named a god of something any day. :D

Thanks for the review!

if you want any help, my msn is cornandbeans101@hotmail.com

Very nice

Not your best, IMO, but definatley nice. I really have nothing constructive to say except for one thing.. I can easily recognize that main synth as a preset.. called "Noise in the House" I believe. That was a bit disappointing to me, but nonetheless was used superbly. And when are we gonna collab man?? =]

cornandbeans responds:

actually... that was a modified version of z3ta's "commercial trance." :P

I hope you're relived of some of your disappointment. :P

Anyway, thanks for the review. I made it in less than 4 hours, so I can agree with you it's not my best. I put in a solid effort though. :D


I like the sounds you have here. The melodies flow very well, and compliment each other extremely well.
Is that the string theory Vsti in the background? It sounds kinda like it. There isn't really anything constructive I can say here, because I can't find much of a problem with anything.. a slight hiss at the top of the spectrum, but it's not a big deal. Anyways, another 5, keep up the good work!

cornandbeans responds:

wooaaaa :D
nice ear, man! There's like 6 instruments playing at the beginning, so for you to pick it out, that's pretty good. :) The hisses are probably my errors during mastering... Maybe a little to many highs, eh? :P Thanks for the review, anyway.

help me!

i want to be a littel more like you r/r that is a good start

cornandbeans responds:

hehe alright. :P my msn is cornandbeans101@hotmail.com if you want to chat. A lot of this is time and hard work, do don't expect to see huge results immediately.

thanks for the review, I'm flattered. :)

Pretty Sweet.

AND! i got my headphones today.

cornandbeans responds:


those screeches on your freq sweeps will probably stop now. ;)