Reviews for "{A Change of Seasons}"


First off, this is prob the first review I have given you, but I have been admiring your work for sometime now. I just never gained any self esteem to be able to review you. Lately it's been chaotic around here and I have been losing my touch to write some pretty long reviews.

So, to begin the review, I loved the essence of the beginning. The tranquil feeling it brought to the table was def a nice thing to hear. Than the synth came in and sorta of made it better, but still was a sort of loud thing to do. The melody is fantastic by the way, it just needs to be supported a little bit more than that. I can't say it was horrible, but it was just sort of uncomfortable, since I had my headphones almost full blast.

As for the song as a whole, it progresses well into a nice song. Everything folded into each other, which is what I love. It's just one of those songs you prob get once a month and thank you for providing that satisfaction.

I'll try to review more of your songs in the future.


cornandbeans responds:

aw, thanks man! You really gave a good look into what I was trying to express with this track. Your comments are very helpful, and I'll definitely use the advice in the future. ;)

Thanks again for the review, mate!

Love it! =D

I've been waiting for another trance song - can't get enough of those! It seems a bit messy in the beginning, but that's ok.

It's especially great when you head into the part with the kick and the hihat... gah, you need to make these more often. =)

Has anyone you know ever described a song of yours with the word, "shiny?" XD I do it all the time - most of your latest songs are just like that.

Hey, if you don't mind, (I asked this in your review for your James Bond Breakbeat Remix) any chance you can visit my audio page and review my songs? While I'm especially proud of Project -Aster-, Dark Storms at Sea hasn't had one in a while. It'd definitely make my day. =)

cornandbeans responds:

hahaha yea like i mentioned there's like 6-7 instruments playing at the beginning. :P I thought they panned in an out pretty well, but after listening to something 20+ times to get it right, I tend to lose the feel for it. :S ah oh well.

I'll get around to reviewing you, I wrote it down so I wouldn't forget. :P

Thanks for the review!

Nice Job

Slow progression orchestral trance, very good! Nice Job with the melodies and choice of sounds. Very well done.
Keep going with this style!

cornandbeans responds:

:D thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :)

like it

its a great track maybe we can collab :P sometime..

cornandbeans responds:

k :D anytime you can catch me on msn, I'll discuss it with you.


wow nice!

this is like, 3 and a half songs going on at once.
very confusing, but good at the same time.
isnt that synth the same on, or at least similar to the one in the traveller?
has some elements of {sunlight} in it.
well im thoroughly perplexed by this song, so im going to 5 it and then go to sleep.

good job.

cornandbeans responds:

haha yea it is. :) I'm trying to develop a solid style, but still have room for flexibility. I tried layering the song a lot more; it gives the listener a reason to go back and hear the song in a different way each time.

Thanks for the review!