Reviews for "{A Change of Seasons}"

Awesome Piece

I refer to this as a piece because songs have lyrics, or are just considered so. This is truly a piece of music, therefore earning the title of piece. As I listen I can actually hear the transition between seasons. Right there towards the end, at about 3:20 the almost flute sounding thing in the background... winter? Summer seemed the upbeat in the early middle melded slightly with spring. The way the sound transitioned worked like the seasons do, a seamless meld with slight accent points at the event of transition but not overbearing. All in all an awesome work.

Gut Gamacht...

Very soothing and relaxing, GREAT

Sweet! Awesome!

I will use this in a flash once I get a flash program in December. But this song kicks ass. Sounds like a title or the revealing of a good future. Nice work!

this is freaken awesome

i love how every part of the songs works well with each other the only issue i had with the song is with the high pitch sound which were a lil overwhelming.



I agree - you are a Newgrounds legend!