Reviews for "{A Change of Seasons}"

good yet bad

great job and all.. i just... don't like it for some reason...

I beg to differ from the others

BEST TRACK U-T-D,IMO, NICE! I'm more of a high guy, and you've used plenty of that in this track. But I do feel that insufficient bass was put into this. I guess the epic...ok, I'm not good with distincting strings. Violin, cello, plz help!!!

From the top:

Ooh...boom! A blast of air followed by something of a transition. Then, we get into the the more crystal vibes and synth. Then, bang, bang, bang, bang.....and EPICKY!!!!!!!!


It sounds more of the winter type , but "{A Change of Seasons}" also fit! Alright, I'm falling behindz, back to cutting the bass, into another season, then, THE FINAL SEASON! SO MAJESTIC!!!! You say you did this in 4 hours? I believe you. It's the effort that I don't believe. And a wrap with a fade.

Nice work, Completely 5'd, dl'd and I'd eat you all, if you were a 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
999999999999999999999-course meal.



I personally think that the main lead sound in the beginning clashed with the other sound effects, it's a bit too high pitched, but it still sounds great. It needs more bass, it all too trebley. And the kick could've used some extra BOOm in it, I could barely hear it at times. Beyond all that, everything else was great!

I liked it...

But the beginning seemed to ware on forever. Other than that, it felt really good to my ears.

yay <3

iu approve of this one, the intro is nice a n well blended and the melody is well defined
its great and trancy the tone is good, however after the intro i gets a bit tooo driving for my trance tastes, but i liek it alot still <3 jooo

prolly my 3rd fav of all yours