Reviews for "Starship Goldfish Ep.2 - Classic Ghostworth (Animatic)"

Pretty good stuff. Would have fived for smoother animation. Some scenes are absolutely gorgeous. VA work is great too.

Gavin Free IN SPACE! Nice style. The clueless people and AI in space. Sam isn't relatable just dysfunctional.

You know, I thought this show would just be a light funny show in space. That's what the
pilot/ep. 1 felt like, especially because they left Vela on her ship when it was over. But now it seems like she has a purpose, giving the show some heart and slowing things down and talking. Hell, when she's on the couch with Sam she makes him feel like a human character. Everything with ghostworth hits on a similar theme, although I wish the whole two ghostworths thing wasn't resolved so quickly, I'm sure him "dying" will be a recurring traumatic memory that builds character, but I don't know, I wish the two Ghostworths had talked to each other, or one of them talked to Vela, about the odd philosophical quandary of grieving over your own death / someone else who is you but also not / there suddenly being two of same person creates an abnormal situation meaning that both are offshoots of the original, but I guess that would be too much for comedy show like this one. Anyways what I'm trying to say here is that this episode cut deeper, and it was good beyond just its production value.

I want more! More more more! The story already has me hooked, and the characters, while some tropes have been done a lot, are still unique in their own ways.

I love ghostworth