Reviews for "Starship Goldfish Ep.2 - Classic Ghostworth (Animatic)"


The pilot you initially uploaded was really engrossed with establishing the absolute basis and premise while this one is already digging into some "meat and potatoes" story and character development.

Honestly impressed as this was a large leap in progression just between two episodes and it feels rather organic than forced. The philosophical dilemma of being a copy of an 'original' is something that has been explored previously in other series (e.g. Star Trek) but this is rather well done. Layered with the concept of a robot that 'feels'- it's rather enjoyable to see the matter slowly unfurl.

The bumbling hilarity of the main protagonist appears to be a little more fleshed out now as they seem like a "can't be fucked to care and tally-ho" type of character rather than simply a dimwitted caricature a la Zaphod Beeblebrox. Glad to see my initial impression was off-key.

This definitely looks as if it's going to be an engaging series that will stand on its own.

I am glad I was wrong with my preliminary assessment.

Why does Ghostworth not just take the ship for himself?

I like it

So this was really good "STARTS" off very well nad has some really nice and intense graphics, the "STORY" is really good and keeps you glued to the screen, The idea of this film is great, My sugesstion is just make more to the story and I look forward to more of this, Ok so this one is good on all fronts, and besides you seem to know what you are doing and the effort does show off well, I can see a few changes now and then but sofar its all good.

My sugesstion is just make more to the story and I look forward to more of this


Great job! it annoys the crap out of me when people don't read the video description before criticising someone's work. This was made in 2013, and it was made before the masterpiece that was the pilot.

Where did the colors go ??