Reviews for "Starship Goldfish Ep.2 - Classic Ghostworth (Animatic)"

Yep, getting better. Oddly this was a interesting mash up of storyboard and animation. Nice ending too. Very Shakespearean. Your group have captured the essence of pure Narcissism. You guys better watch yourselves!!! That is a joke...

Opium for the twisted sense of humor indeed.

Many points for the broad variety of jokes presented in one single package. And the IRONY packed within it too... priceless. It is funny how some of the jokes are so tasteless yet they flow into other jokes compounding the humor. I would swear this was a teenage Millennial Captain Kirk.

So about Episode three now... WHEN?

I'm a fan.

Good animation, unlikable characters.

Of course, 5 starts.
The story and characters are awesome.

About the ANIMATION.
While I see the appeal of the middle section of this episode (animated one), I find the Pilot animation a lot more stylish, well defined and overall more rounded up (especially the faces).
I'm glad that you settled for that style :). On a side note, I personally love the animatic style of the rest of this episode and would never find it to be "not enough" for a show. I could watch this show in animatic format any day. Plus I think that the feeling of some of the more emotional moments is better conveyed in animatic format than actual animation.

Voices are awesome, of course. All of them. No exception (I saw somewhere, can't remember where, probably on an older movie, that you wanted to get a better voice actor for the captain and I think that would be a major self-kick to the balls because he's a real voice talent.

Keep up the good work :).

I admit that I didn't like this as much as the first one. It was done in this weird style. Still, I appreciate the idea. You did make something unique. At least not all of it was like that. The story behind this was great.

It does makes you think about the ethics of cloning. Would it create another person entirely? Well, a robot in this case? I'm glad to gradually learn more about the characters. That's one weird way of spelling "goldfish".