Reviews for "Starship Goldfish Ep.2 - Classic Ghostworth (Animatic)"

Look forward to it

More of "Starship Goldfish"? Yes, please

I absolutely loved the storyline, and the connections between the characters. The voice acting was golden. Wonderful animatic. It will look even more splendid on animation format!

amazing animation!

As much as I'm happy to have the next installment of Starship Goldfish I felt a little let down by the unfinished scenes. Still got some good laughs out of me, looking forward to the next one

StarshipGoldfish responds:

It's very old! In order to clinch funding for episode 2 we released this animatic episode, and then ep2 was used to raise funding for the pilot you saw (episode 3, but chronologically episode 0). I'll release ep2 on here next week. I'd love to have the money to make these storyboard episodes fleshed out and edited right but it's such an expensive medium.