Reviews for "Huggernaut"

The grappling system is kinda ok, not too much to complain about. I consider it fine with most cases, but some levels are too hard. A good example would be level 11, which I was unable to pass.

The grappling mechanic is amazingly satisfying. The game just makes swinging feel so natural. I would love to see something like a sandbox mode just to mess around with it.

The game really has no need for the walking option. Whenever I needed to move precisely, I found myself just dragging on the ground with the grappling hook.

It was a pretty enjoyable couple of minutes but the games needs to offer something more to make me WANT to play it all over again and do the stars. It could use a better ending and a better reward system. But still, it'd be a nice phone game to pass the time.

I got all the stars and all I get is THANKS FOR PLAYING?!! Give me a decent endong at least!!!

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It's a really original concept, but more importantly it was executed well. I've seen a lot of really cool ideas on this site lately that just needed an extra kick in technical ability to be a masterpiece. Having said that, there is one complaint; this game made me want to go fast. Really fast. This was an absolute blast until the yellow diamond puzzle mechanic was introduced. I felt slowed down and impatient. However minor that may be, it stuck. Awesome game though; I hope to see you frontpaged again soon~