Reviews for "Huggernaut"

Graphics are nice, music is ok, a OST is better but not bad, not everyone can make music without some money, the gameplay is good a lot, the idea of hug a friend as main mission is the cutest thing I ever played in the world! <3

its such a good game!


Controls are very smooth. Good blend of puzzle and adventure. Time mechanics are interesting. A combination of all of this makes this a game where you balance multiple things subconsciously. And this makes mastering the elements that more satisfying/

The graphics are very nice and fun with the colors and lines you leave behind. I like the grappling hook mechanic, too. The mechanics are very cool and there are some levels where you have to think of using them to your advantage, which I find cool. It's not that hard or anything, but you have to think about mechanics affecting the physics, like when you have to counter the pull of the diamonds, or you have to use your hook only because the other character will die if they move too much. I like howa lot of levels force you to be as efficient as possible. With a mechanic like this there's some really cool experimenting you can do to figure out the quickest way to complete the level. That final one, though, was too much. I only got it done thanks to luck. The guy is so close to both the ceiling and the wall, and the entire level is done by swinging. Like, maybe if you just made the walkable area a bit bigger and/or moved it down a bit. Also, in regards to the menu and stuff, I think the levels shouldn't be presented as primarily just times. It looks more like a scoreboard and not that enticing. The music is okay, and I get you had to use copyright-free stuff,but it's a bit repetitive.
Overall, the game has some very cool mechanics and level design, but also some minor flaws. Oh, also, I'm not doing the speedrun mode, but it's a cool addition for whomever wants to speedrun the game.