Reviews for "Huggernaut"

This game is fun, it got me hooked! I would make a longer review but I'm kind of lazy today...

The game feel quite fun to play. However, there's one thing that annoys and confuses me.

You are controlling two characters in a mirror fashion. At first, this seemed to be the core mechanism in the game. The first level where this matters at all is level 15. Until then, it seems like the mirror character could be replaced with a stationary goal. The first level where it actually gives some kind of challenge is level 19. (Well not really, just use the hook for all movement, but at least this made it a bit interesting)

I'm now stuck at level 23, which is pretty hard. But so far I have not felt a single need to move the mirror character at all, and this is what I suspected to be the main mechanism. I feel that the level design does not fit the game.

It is pretty fun and challenging thouhg.

A charming and fun little game.

The design of the game is very soothing. The bright colors make the game feel very welcoming, and the colors are not so bright as to blind the player. The music follows the same idea, exciting but not so much as to ruin the sense of calm the game has.
With this all in mind, it is a little odd the player can bleed if a surface is hit hard enough. This does not really match the game's tone. It is still a nice detail that adds a bit of realism, but juxtaposed with the rest of the game's style the player bleeding feels a little out of place.

The mechanics are well put together and inventive. The use of a grappling hook, while not entirely original, is something rarely seen, especially one with physics. Since the player is not moving too fast, it is also possible to switch grappling targets with relative ease, something a lot of other games do not have. The last time a game used rope physics this well was with the series "Hanger", but in those games it was only possible to shoot a rope in one location, whereas Huggernaut allows the player to shoot anywhere.
However, the second core mechanic, that of the player controlling two characters at once, was vastly underutilized. Out of all 23 levels, there are only three or four that actually require thinking about the non-grapple Huggernaut, and half of these are shallow at best, only there to prevent the player from moving using left and right. The mechanic is never really used, at best being pointless and at worst only getting in the way.

The level design is pretty good for the most part, with the movement and pace of levels feeling fluid. However, most of the levels are very linear, often following a very obvious set path or grappling location. Also, parts of levels with corners where the player has to rapidly switch could be annoying. There is often only a moment for the player to switch, and this could feel a little mechanical. Having slightly more room to switch would have felt much better.
That all said, it is a pleasant surprise that many of the levels are set up more like puzzles than platformers. It is clear a lot of thought and time went into making most of the levels, even if they still have some issues.

A relaxing and enjoyable ride. While moments of Huggernauts could feel frustrating, the calm and even happy nature of the game makes it difficult to be upset for long, and the feeling of flying through the air using momentum is almost indescribable. So while the game has it's problems, in the end Huggernauts is a very good game with innovative ideas, well worth the 30 minutes it may take to finish.

Also, the bouncing heads of the "huggernauts" was a nice touch. It does not really fit anywhere in the review, but I loved that little detail so much I have to include it somewhere.

This was fun!
The only little problem I had is that I kept clicking outside the frame (I once even lost the page). NG could have a "turn lights off" button, or the game a thicker border, OR: I could practise to avoid doing it! ;)

Really inventive and fun... until the 19th level, anyway. Cruelty ensues.