Reviews for "Huggernaut"

Excellent! And so positive!!!

I like it! Cool idea, smooth gameplay, and nice game design! All I would want to improve it was a sandbox where you could play around with the Grappling hook.

No support for 1366x768 resolution (laptops) Have to constantly scroll up and down in order to be able to play, bummer.

Nallebeorn responds:

You're in luck, because I *just now* published a patch that fixes this! (you weren't the first to complain about this ;)) On screens with a low resolution (height < 1000px), the game will now scale down to 544x416 (or rather, not scale up 2x). It's not a perfect fix; there will be large black bars around the game since the frame itself isn't downscaled, only the game canvas. But you should no longer have to scroll to play, at least!

I love the yippee and woohoo sound effects haha :) cool game

Cute little game