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Reviews for "Sisypush"

People who are complaining that nothing happens and that you just push the stone over and over again should have paid more attention at history classes...

I like it somehow. It's not a great game, but I do like the idea.

good game
did it 20 times
expected something to happen
guess not

5 stars would have been at least some kind of sound
or level or anything

but good after all
was fun

Its a bad game with no features and not polished at all. Every time you try to fling it it never works. The physics are really bad and its just a bad and boring game in general It's special, yeah sure. But 5 minutes into the game I went crazy don't waste your time on this sorry excuse of a game.

I didn't know Sisyphus's boulder was made of paper mache coated in lightweight rubber.

Quite a tense little frustrating game here. Could use some additional features and jokes to increase its replayability, sound, rewards, achievements, etc, but maybe that's not the point of Sisypush. I got one point in the game and felt like that was enough. I'd feel REALLY sorry for Sisyphus if he had to do something like this for all eternity. I mean geez, at least gravity is consistent while rolling a boulder up a hill and the boulder doesn't keep bouncing all over the place and once the boulder's up the dang hill you can stop and boast that you were able to move said rock from point A to point B. Heck, even doing such a tedious, endless, and repetitive actively would at the very least increase your physical strength and endurance. If Sisyphus had to play this game, Getting Over It, IWBTG, and Cat Mario for all eternity he'd probably throw himself into oblivion with a huge smile on his face :)