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Reviews for "Sisypush"

Did you program the gravity downward or toward the bottom?

I finally made it after over 126 days i delivered the rock where it belongs i was proud of myself i was FREE FINALLY but then the rock jumped from top to bottom it was then when i heard Zeus laughing my misery continuous.....

Day 503

I was almost at the top, it was a feeling of relief but i have realised i have to go to the end which is my primary goal. I stare at my computer screen, while i crack my knuckles. I flashbacked to my first day of playing this, i have list down every possibility from wrong to right. I had built my clicking skills and reaction time for the past months. Now is the time for the real deal. I have reached the third hole for the 65th time and it was time to put it to rest. Sisyphus did not deserve this. Especially for all eternity.

I prayed to the heavens to get this right--as i strike my move, I rapidly click and move my mouse as the cursor reacts it timely. It goes back to the second hole then to the third, the second, then to the third. back and forth. I had to adjust my browser screen to play this accurately. I'm sweating bullets as i click rapidly, i worry for my mouse to break but then again i would just blame the game mode in overwath for FFA 500% for it. aLAS I HAVE REACHED THE TOP BUt that sudden happiness have instantly turned sour as it jumped back to the start. I feel the pain of my heartache for all the hardwork. This was "Getting Over It" all over again except no audio but the clicking of your mouse and your pounding heart. I had just suddenly realized that i have accidentally moved the cursor behind the ball which instantly punched it back to the start.

This was indeed. a Good. Goshdinggydangdamnit. Game that broke my heart into pieces after Getting Over It and before any human being would.

Damn you. I love it.

this is perfectly designed to be bullshit and thats why I love it

and add music/sfx

Day 290: Got 1 point.