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Reviews for "Sisypush"

I have spent fifty years on this game. It was a real struggle, but I found the solution. It is not going through the obvious hazards on the right, but if you try a new direction, things will get easier. The true obstacle is you and how you think.


A very decent entry in the... job simulation genre? Maybe that's quite right for some, but for me, it's one of those silly frustating "S K I L L" type of games. I feel like a key in making those kind of games click in both the hardcore 100% SUPA MIT BOH and a more casual audience, is the superposition of tight precise controls, difficult levels that fully utilize said controls, and something to keep you invested into playing, be it snarky pretentious comments, lulz factor, some story even. This game has neither.

The controls are ludicrously inconsistent: the object of an unusually shaped geometry bounces absolutely randomly (as far as i've tested against the left wall, and also failing to produce semi-consistent bounces), with varying strength, and even torque, depending on the side of a "Stone" you hit, and it's fairly easy to just go through the object in question, and again, only God (and the Math.random() function inscribed into the game's source code) knows where it will end up next. you can't just hit the object from the bottom and expect it to fly up, which is the basic intuitive thing one would expect. My strategy involved gently (and i mean VERY) supporting it from the left-bottom corner and just dragging it through, which worked like 40 percent of the time, but was enough to score 10 points before i was meh'd to death.

Even the "Sisypushes" themselves are inconsistent: sometimes you'll be rewarded a point, but the object would remain on top. You can glitch the object semi-consistently (because nothing in this game's for certain, and that's not a compliment). The level itself is also very barebones, with the third cliff being easier to get (or more like drag) through than the former two. Again, some variety would've been good, as the game becomes stale quickly.

Overall, to feel frustrated playing frustrating games, you have to get that it's you fault for doing so. (in SMB way or in IWBTG way, preferably both, which you should probably note from Bennett Foddy or smth) Well i haven't, cause there was no reason to. Go back to butchering pong or smth. 4/10, 1/5.

I found this experience extremely challenging, exciting me with a determination to reach the end. It is missing a voice over from Bennett Foddy, though.

Too frustrating for me. Fun concept tough.

I loved this from the very first moment!