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Reviews for "Sisypush"

I wonder if Sisyphos got the rock to the top, because i didn't. I feel terrible for the guy

Uh, this game confused me. Was it supposed to be that you just lifted the rock up? That seems too boring. Why was there no sound? There was just nothing going on. I can see why it won Underdog Of The Week award.

That's not easy when it also wins Daily 4th Place. Did you mean Sissypush? It did seem like that. It's just too dull to be motivated. Oh, that and there's no medals.

Ah Sisyphus and Sasafrash!

Sisyphus was a figure in Greek Mythology. He was a very deceitful and selfish king who once ruled over Ephyra, the capital of the Thesprotia region in ancient Greece.

Sisyphus would often lure exotic travelers from far away into his local towns, only to have them killed so he could take their stuff. A supreme violation of Xenia code of conduct for proto-international affairs among Hellenians(Ancient Greeks).

He hated his brother Salmoneus so much, that he often plotted to kill him. He seduced his brother's own dauther, Tyro, into bearing his own children, and he tried to groom the inbred children to kill his brother, all so that he could take his throne. Tyro killed the inbred children in retaliation when she found out what she was going to do.

When Zeus had the hots for Aegina, the Nymph daughter of the river god Asopus, he took the form of an Eagle, and abducted her. Sisyphus bore witness to Zeus flying overhead, and when Asopus came strolling by in hot pursuit, Sisyphus revealed their location in return for a miraculous spring to pour across the Corinthian acropolis.

This got Sisyphus on Zeus's bad side. Depending on the variant, Zeus sent either Thantos(God of Death) or Hades(God of the Underworld) to chain Sisyphus up and drag him down to Tartarus(the bad place for bad people) early. In a classic looney tunes style maneuver, Sisyphus tricked Thanatos/Hades into chaining himself up after a drawn out conversion that began with Sisyphus questioning why Hermes was not sent, and ended with Sisyphus inquiring Thanatos/Hades to "demonstrate how the chains work." It was here where Sisyphus decided to boast out loud how he was even smarter then the gods of Olympus. During this period of shackling, the parameters of the world was affected in way where no one could die, because either Thanatos was unable cause death and Hades was unable to claim souls. Sacrifices could not be made to the gods, and the old and sick were suffering eternally. It also caused much frustration for Ares, because he was unable to see his subjects die in combat. So Ares brought upon himself to free Hades/Thanatos. The gods also told Sisyphus that he didn't let ares break the chains, that they would make Sisyphus suffer so much, that he wish he were dead.

During some downtime before his departure to the Underworld, Sisyphus told his wife to throw his naked dead body in the middle of the public square, so that he could continue to defy the gods. His wife decided to throw his carcas into the river Styx instead, fast fowarding his soul's arrival to the underworld. Sisyphus then sweet talked Persephone(Hade's claimed wife and Seasonal goddess) into allowing his soul to come back as a ghost and haunt his wife for disobeying his orders. Finally, Hermes dragged soul back down to Tartarus.

Sisyphus was tasked in Tartarus to roll a boulder up a steep mountain. The mountain was too steep and the boulder was too oblong, so it would keep rolling down the mountain. The task was impossible, and it led to an endless cycle of frustration.

Sisyphus and the boulder can seen as metaphor for futile efforts like power struggles. Especially since Sisyphus is the poster boy for all cutthroat Machiavellian leaders. Sisyphus lead a life of deceit and trickery in order to obtain massive power that in the end, was temporary due to the limits of mere mortality and the fact that he was only human. A virtuous man would live and let live, know his limits, and understand the fleeting nature of things.

Anyway, despite dry bare bones programming and art design, the ingenious thing about this game, is the fact that even I don't know if it can actually be done, which compel a lot of people to try their hand for possibly hours. If someone does manage to do it, I hope they have a capture card if you know what I mean.

I liked playing around with the stone and seeing it fly in the air.

People who are complaining that nothing happens and that you just push the stone over and over again should have paid more attention at history classes...

I like it somehow. It's not a great game, but I do like the idea.