Reviews for "A Fable III Experience"

I have waited for years for this, regrettably forgot about the series and now thankfully and wonderfully have finally seen this gem. Love the new stuff, still love the old stuff, GG WP.


And some nice Entertainment here has Earned you my excellence award, So as I check out the portal here today You have graced us with something different and unique like this, its a pleasent suprise from whats normally in there. you have Morphed something nice here. you have some amazing effects here and some really good animation I enjoyed this one.

No changes on this piece.


I wanted to kill Reaver too. Twice is not enough though

"I don't even have a source of income!" Laughed so hard at that one. Awesome vid. Looking forward to seeing more XD

THAT WAS AMAZING! I havn't been waiting for this moment before because i didn't know you were making a new video/animation/script... okay just the script but anyway i still freakin' love it! a well deserved sequal! Well done! i laughed all the way!