Reviews for "A Fable III Experience"

Ah, Fable, a long beloved series of mine. Great graphics and great sounds used. You caught the Fable and fairy tale medieval atmosphere almost perfectly. Really impressive for how many artists made this, looks like an actually cartoon that could air on TV. "Hand me a revive potion", "um ok" (Has to go through the terrible Fable 3 system of gifting, by pausing which takes you to the new hub system, going to the room, search for the gift, then finally send a gift) Some what excited for Fable 4 as well. Overall, excellent video, great job.


Just superb. The animation is great, the timing is great, and Ricepirate is a treasure as always. Totally worth seven years during which I completely did not know this could even exist.

oh yeah door monster fable series yeah almost forgot about that