Reviews for "A Fable III Experience"

It's not late, it is but a strategic time portal meant to show us the simpler times of gaming satire.

Not sure I've followed the previous episodes of this but I'll definitely start now, if there is more to come. :) Also suddenly feel somewhat tempted to actually try this game, of which the idea I previously discarded thinking it'd be somewhat dull and motiveless... but maybe that was just the first. Or maybe it was just the cover. Either way this was awesome. Animation. Voice acting. Everything. Props on the NG promo at the end too! :D You don't hear that often enough!

Great work putting this together. And that perseverance: impressive. And the big question that lingers: what happened to your eye?!


*Everybody loves me!
*I don't
There were so many things that I agreed on fable 3 and I so enjoyed this video! This was also so entertaining! I LOVE IT! Good job on this! The main character voice sounded a little off first but eventually. Couple minutes later I just found it absolutely perfect for him! So I say. Fantastic job!

I was wondering why this was listed under my subscriptions. It's because Jazza was a voice actor! Nice to still have him here! I really did like how good the animation was. I admit to not being familiar with "Fable". It was confusing when he broke the fourth wall. Was he talking about the game or the actual cartoon itself?

He looks like Inigo Montoya. I just like "The Princess Bride" so much. It was cute for you to appear as yourself at the end. I was wondering about that black eye too. Video game parodies will never stop here.

It wasn't that interesting...