Reviews for "A Fable III Experience"

Very enjoyable animation. I liked Fable 3 well enough, but the second one was better I think.
Cheers, bud!

Thanks for opening up old wounds, Ma. Really cool though

Ah, yes, beauty in its purest form. A true work of art, a satire of modern gaming culture that pokes fun at the basic plot of a 5 year old game. I kinda hate Fable 3.

This was made wayyyyyy tooooooo late!
If this was out during the time of the game release, i would not have wasted the $60 to buy it at the time............

Well. You sure made us wait for it. But, I'm just happy you finally did it! It shows stones to finish such an old project after all this time. Better late than never, as they say. Thank you.