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Reviews for "Bouncefloor"

18 seconds, 1 client stolen from. I got lucky and noticed the guy running from me ;) It is super hard to pick up on that in the huge crowd until you get clues (usually) then can start isolating the focus, good game! Wish there was more to it, but its simplicity is it's genius.

AWesome game! Personal record, 54 seconds, 2 clients stolen from. theif Identity clues gathered, asian, green suit.

This was really fun to play! I recommend making this to a full game! I was also impressed about the noises the victims made! That you could actually hear their location where they made the noise instead of just getting the noise everywhere! Really fun to play and there are a lot of suspects there to pick on! Really great game!

Very funny game. But for me it lacks of some sort of story mode or simple campaign with new scenarios - for example you can bounce off drug dealers, drunks etc. which will have a bit different moving pattern.

60 Seconds, 2 robberies...is that good?