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Reviews for "Bouncefloor"

That was tougher than I thought! Really an immense (although surprisingly realistic) number of people in that club, and I like the continual bouncing motion and movement, though the music's kind of bland it really feels alive. The controls were easy to get used to, but actually finding that thief... pretty challenging! Such a cool concept, smooth interfaces and functional game made in a mere 24 hours too! Impressive work; creative fun.


I consider it as a free demo.Like everyone else said, I liked the concept too.Make more levels with different settings and costumes.

To improve- Sometimes the selection of person is very difficult, I lose a couple of times even though I figured out who the thief was,just because selection arrow was confusing.Make a small box on corner to show who your current selection is[ or find some other solution to it].

This is more of a concept than a game. Not to say this game is bad or anything, it's a fun idea that very few games have done before. It's honestly a super short game and once you find the thief, the only reason to play again is to get a faster time. I would love to see more from the creator, more levels with each level giving you a different challenge perhaps.

Great Game, the game was difficult but extremely fun, it was a fun interesting concept and it was pretty good

Interesting concept.

The gameplay itself is a fun and challenging. It really makes you look out on each person to match characteristics. But it's a little too difficult to find the thief in the crowds of people that match heads and shirts. But i really like the concept. Hope improvements will be made though.