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Reviews for "Bouncefloor"

Just another day in the life of a muscular guy trying to do his job by throwing people out of a party...

same 19 second 0 clients saw him/her running away hehe

19 seconds,0 clients

Excellent original idea for a game. Very fun game with high replayability factor.

The execution is also almost perfect. The animation is nice.

I constantly catch the thief with 3 victims, sometimes with two. Once identified him from one victim only but he robbed the second guy just before my eyes.

Some things that could have been better:
- This game would look very good on fullscreen, too bad there is no such option. This game would also benefit from player seeing as big area of the club as possible to fit in screen without sacrificing details.
- It seems player must always go trough instructions before playing again and click the forward arrow four times. It would be better if a new game could be started with just one button.
- That club is a huge sausage fest. Just for sake of appearances it would be nice if more clients looked female.

Perhaps, as some review already suggested, a more complex story mode with a slower thief and more things for the bouncer to do would be okay, but I think this game works splendidly in this quick game format. This is an interesting game to play when you have just a few minutes of free time and replayability is endless. Adding this to my favorites for this reason.

Took me 73 seconds to find the dude. Love this simple game