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Reviews for "The Sky House"

Flappy bird the platformer. I gave up :(

This game deserves a lot more views! I loved the controls. They are fast, but malleable and very workable. The puzzles were fun. I'm always amazed when game developers can produce little things like this and release them for free. The puzzles were fun, and the game was just the right length, because to be honest, I was starting to get a little lost. I really appreciated the extra additional details of hidden walls and little secrets to find :)

As far as criticism goes, I would say that I think the ending was the worst part, only because I had to guess where to go! Not sure I saw a lot of value in having the whole world shake until I found my way out. I really liked the extra touch of animation and the outdoors, though.

amidos2006 responds:

Thanks a lot for playing the game :) I am happy you enjoyed it :) I know it's not very clear but I was aiming that people will see the big door on the roof and it's keyhole so based on that, they will go for it :) but It seems it need more hints :)

I like the concept. Maybe next time add music(and work with the controls).

This game is the worst. The controls don't work, and I can't fly. Blam this

The controls are clunky and make it way to hard to dodge the lasers.