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Reviews for "The Sky House"


amidos2006 responds:

Thanks :)

holy shit this game is so wonderful '-'

amidos2006 responds:

Thank you :)

A very simple, yet challenging platformer. Took me a while to beat some of the rooms but the overall difficulty was very balanced.
In some stages I found parts of the map where the collision with the character seemed a bit off (where I seemed to glitch through walls). I don't know whether this was intended to shortcut through some areas and/or reach the Coins, (which I sadly did not collect a single one of) or just slightly unpolished.
If it was the first of the mentioned scenarios, I would have wished for a slight indicator to let me know, that I'm not going the wrong path when passing through walls (like seeing your silhouette when in a wall).

But overall a very fun game with smooth mechanics and great design. 4.5/5

amidos2006 responds:

It was the first, yeah I think I will try to update to show your silhouette but its not that easy on TIC-80 :) Thanks for playing :)

Great game! I like how I can get lost in it in more ways than one.

amidos2006 responds:

Glad you still liked it :)

Good metroidvania, challenging and fun, at first the flying mechanic seems pretty difficulty to manage but after some time you start to learn how to use, unfortunately didn't find all gold coins, the last one really bricked my head i have no idea how to find, btw at least could have medals, but good game

amidos2006 responds:

Thanks for playing :)