Reviews for "Midnight Spooks"

Nice little game you made, Very reminiscent of Gravity Falls, the mouths on characters could've been closed when they stop talking, otherwise pretty good

Great puzzle game but sadly not that long.
Pretty nice that there are more games out of this style. :)

that thumbnail reminded me of crime and punishment

The game has fun characters and intriguing plot and cool setting and interesting surroundings. But like most Carmel games - puzzles are too much on the easy side and the game itself is too short.

This game was finished too soon in my opinion. The game had potential to be longer and to continue by having the two surviving friends to dial with the mysterious killer in the basement and probably also the shop owner mister Spooky who has received alarm message about basement door being open and has arrived to make sure there are no escapees.

If that would have been included in the game making it 2-3 times longer, and if that would be done in high quality then I would finally be able to give a Carmel game a score higher then the usual 2.5-3.5 stars.

I hope at least we get to know what was there in the basement in a sequel. I hope Carmel does the same as they did with Ray and Copper and makes a sequel.

The pipe puzzle was nice, something new in Carmel games.

its a good game!!! very good