Reviews for "Midnight Spooks"

You guys had a bunch of grammatical errors in the character dialogues. You should pay more attention to the writing next time.

Besides that, though, this was a nice, solid point and click adventure game. The puzzles weren't too hard or too easy.

ノ〇 Hey! Listen! zelda triangle is the key to the door love that

In Chrom 15 degrees is 15 degrees...?
Getting a coin is more logical then you might think with a game of this kind. LOL.

Phenomenal game, really fun and really had me thinking but I had a problem with one question (happy that I only had to use the walkthrough for one question but I'm going for no walkthrough regardless next time):


When it says 15 degrees, it actually means 75

whoa..wait a minute..halloween is just next month...right?