Reviews for "Midnight Spooks"

I kept trying to solve the circle puzzle starting on the right like in trigonometry. Took me a long time before I noticed clockwise

the ending was funny. in a dark way. nice game.

I mostly don't like mouse city games but, this one was different. I liked the unique puzzles that didn't make you guess but, made you use your brain. I like the Halloween-y feel and unique animations. One thing I didn't like was the writing. It was kinda awkward and there is a lot of spelling errors. Also, the mouse city website was a complete shit show. Someone needs to clean it up if you're going to advertise it on Newgrounds.

Ahh, I remember playing The Shadow Realm Arcade earlier in the year and loving that, missed a few of your other games in between but was hyped when I saw this pop up!

Awesome puzzles (even if I was not very adept at the maths puzzle... so ashamed of myself for that one!), quirky humour and some nice references to some classic horror tropes like the monkey paw and the possible references to Scream (if they weren't intentional references they still definitely worked!).

Oh, and a great ending too, classic horror-style! Keep up the amazing work, point and click games give me life!


That's surely not a happy end, an extra star for that.