Reviews for "Midnight Spooks"

A fun little point-and-click adventure game. Decent graphics, animations, and voice acting.

The only negative I'd say is that it was very short and too easy. My first play through took about 20 minutes, most of that time was me going to get a pencil and paper to work out the math problem. The rest of the puzzles were very simple and obvious. Maybe this is targeted at younger gamers?

Since the puzzles do not change from one play to another, you can play through skipping the clues and just getting the quest items, once you know the answers to the puzzles. All you really need is the 3 triangles, the axe, and the key. And obviously to set the pipes right, but you can do that as you go. All said, you can finish this game in well under 2 minutes.

The only 2 issues I could find in the game were purely cosmetic:
1. Why does the one guy always walk backwards through doors? That's just odd.
2. If you don't hack the painting with the axe, it is hacked anyway during the game end sequence.

Totally saw that last twist coming. Still, I was impressed by how much math I used to complete this.

This shouldn't be an E rated game...

Anyways, MouseCity's website is a chore to go through and is very unoptimized. When I went there my computer slowed down because there's so much trash. I highly recommend people playing this game to avoid that site (and avoid looking at walkthroughs) until it gets cleaned up.

So, after getting frustrated with THAT, as a Newgrounds game it isn't that bad. However the token part is a real headscratcher that turned me to that hindrance of a site.

If nothing works to a certain point, test everything with your mouse. If there's a certain bit of information that comes up, keep that in mind but don't let it distract you. Talk to the humans too.

Your first game in longer than usual! Puzzles as good as ever and top-notch voice acting (although it doesn't always match up with the text). I'll give you 4.5 stars for positive reinforcement, but it took me longer than it should've to figure out where to use the light bulb.

Lol! So did you change the ending scene so it wouldn't show the head? I was on escapegames24 and they were talking about that. I was hoping for the head, dang it! ARGH.

Also, when you have him say, 'jacob', in the last few scenes, it needs to be Jacob. ;) nice one. This was fun, loved the puzzles. The Hamsa puzzle had me for a min, though!