Reviews for "'DinoMelt'"

A real small masterpiece! You should consider making a commercial version of this game. I'd definitely buy it. There are 2 small complaints though: it's hard to enter vertical pipes on the ceiling sometimes and the charge shot damage is too low, there's no point to use it even with the speed charge upgrade.

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Wolod! I'm considering an expanded edition of the game.
Also, it's pretty interesting that you mention the Charge-Shot bit, for some players -who play at slower pace- I've seen that it's pretty helpful as a way to approach more safely to enemies, or charge while dodging attacks, and a bigger bullet can be helpful as it has a larger hitbox, but it's also true that it's not too convenient if you are more into a faster approach to enemies and repeatedly shooting, in that sense, I didn't wanted the charge to be 'overpowered' to make it too easy for the first case, but not too bad for the second. As it turns out, it's one thing I'll have to tweak for a larger version of the game :).

Very nice game! The visual style is fantastic + really cool gameplay :)

This game is so well made. Loved everything. The level design is great, the monsters creative, and the last boss can really screw you up with his ramdom fire balls.

1. Free
2. Widescreen
This amazes me.

The game looks amazing. The characters are alle very different, wich makes the game more interesting. I was fooled by the cartoonish style of the game, thinking that it would be easy to beat. Little did I know, the boss fights are really intense.