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Reviews for "'DinoMelt'"

Love the style, story and all but as @Hylarn said, the clay orbs are sometimes really well hidden - I have 1 missing and I've been going around and around, have no idea where to look any more.. a clue would be welcome.
It would be also nice to have the % of discovered areas while playing, instead of after finishing the game. btw, if there was a % of area discovered per map, then we probably wouldn't need any clue to figure out where the clay orbs are.
+ Agree about an option to remap keys, going through pause to change fire ball feels strange. I would have preferred a shortcut key.

Anyway GJ 5/5! :D

PS: Somehow medals stopped working, I keep getting those 'permission to access NG data' requests - which I grant ofc - but it's not helping. Its probably some glitch on my side as they seem to work for others. <- just saying in case there are others players w/ similar problems.^^'

Butzbo responds:

Good points!, I'll be making a few more updates on the game, it seems like the medals haven't caught on completely; Also, It will take me a little bit, but I at least plan to add an update where you can see how many orbs you have from each world, as those are the most demanding/time-consuming if you don't reach them the first time around (and that's where I took the most liberties hiding them, heheh...).
Glad you liked it, and thanks for the comments!!

Love it! All of it. Art, Music, Gameplay, Story and Boss fights. All are fantastic! Please make Moar!

dude this is awesome!

Reminds me of Alex the Aligator a bit ^^
Other than that, great game sir 10/10

This game was a blast to play.

I hate the fact it's so short, i needed 2 1/2 hours for it, still long for a flashgame, but... i wanted more!